Juice Machines


  • Versatile Pro 

    Performance at all levels - ​Perfect for places with a high demand for juice

    With exceptional technology:

    • New 1Step Extraction Kit .

    • Squeeze up to 22 oranges per minute.

    • Integrated feeder with a capacity of 10 Kg of load.

    • Digital display to set the mode of use, language and number of fruits.

    • Two modes of use: Self Service, to serve in the glass, bottle or jug, and Professional , to program the number of oranges and squeeze continuously.

    • Tap with integrated anti-drip system for Self Service use.

    • Integrated waste buckets.

  • Speed-Pro-Self-Serv - Podium

    The most powerful look, to squeeze the most - Freshness everywhere with the new Speed ​​Up. Create an authentic Juice Corner in your supermarket!

    With all the advantages of the Speed ​​series:

    • Integrated feeder with 20 kg capacity.

    • Electronic Intelligent Touch. With 2 modes of use: Automatic or Professional.

    • Drop tray with direct drain to the waste bin in the All-in-one model.

    • Original System squeezing system with antibacterial ASP technology.

  • Minex 

    Compact and attractive - The Minex juicer is small in size, large in performance. Provide personality and style to your local.

    Its design, size and twelve colors, Minex adapts perfectly to your needs, offering you maximum performance in the minimum space.


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