Coffee & Coffee Machines


  • M27 RE 

    Elegant and versatile machine, that‘s easy to use, adjust and maintain.

    M27 RE is made of steel and aluminium and is equipped with a reliable and high performance fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system able to guarantee an excellent result in the cup.

    Available in the 2- and 3-group dosed and continuous versions, M27 RE features selection panels with prompt and precise push buttons (the chosen selection is signalled by a LED) and is available in white, black and red.

  • M21 Junior 

    The compact espresso & cappuccino Machine

    High quality even in limited space

    M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those caterers who, although have limited space at disposal, still want to offer traditional Italian style espresso coffee and cappuccino. Junior is a one-group machine available both into the automatic (M21 Junior DT) and into the semiautomatic M21 Junior S) version.

  • Magnum Silver 

    An automatic grinder-doser with flat grinding burrs and brushed aluminium body.


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